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About the SAHS
The Society for the Asian Historical Studies(SAHS) is the professional association for those in Korea who teach, research or study Asian History. The Society was established in 1965, and membership is open to Asian History practitioners in Korea or overseas. Among its 520 members are faculty at colleges and universities and researchers at research institutes. The SAHS serves as the umbrella organization for historians working in Asian history. The SAHS has been in charge of the Asian History Panel at the Annual Convention of Historians of Korea and has been the member organization of the International Council of Historical Studies since 1966.

The SAHS holds two conferences annually. The Autumn Conference which began in 1984 is a one-day meeting which is devoted to planned programs of scholarly papers and panel sessions on various topics in Asian history. There are 10 panals; Ancient Chinese History, Wei-Chin-Sui-Tang History, Sung-Yuan History, Ming-Ching History, Modern Chinese History, Contemporary Chinese History, Japanese History, Southeast Asian History, Indian History, Central-West Asian History. 31 papers were presented at the 2000 Conference.
The Winter Conference which began in 1981 is composed of a panel of 6-7 paper presentations focusing on a specific theme. The topic of the 20th Winter Conference, held in Suanbo in February 2001, was "Public Opinion and Politics in Asian History".

Journal of Asian Historical Studies(JAHS)
Journal of Asian Historical Studies is the official journal of the Society for Asian Historical Studies. The Journal began to be published annually in 1966. Since 1990 it has been published quarterly. Each issue contains 6-7 feature articles and book reviews. The most recent publication is the number 73 published in March 2001.
Original manuscripts may be submitted for consideration for publication in Journal of Asian Historical Studies. Priority will be given to the manuscripts presented at conferences. Manuscripts are read by our three referees. The acceptance for publication will be decided by the editorial board based on the evaluation made by referees.

President and Editor - Kang, Myunghee, Hansei University

The SAHS provides its members with information on all the Society's activities.
The membership also entitles you to four editions of the journal every year.

Individuals or Institutions who wish to join the SAHS must fill out the membership form at the SAHS website and pay the member dues.

Foreign member dues(including mailing costs)
annual membership : individuals ($30), students ($20), institutions ($50)
20-year membership : individuals ($400), institutions ($600)

Affiliate Organizations
The Association for Ancient Chinese History
The Association for Wei-Chin History
The Association for Sung-Yuan History
The Association for Ming-Ching History
The Association for Modern Chinese History
The Association for Contemporary Chinese History
The Korean Association for Japanese History

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